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Do you have Scottish Ancestors? 

We can help to find your ancestors and trace your Scottish family tree. Find Scottish Roots is based in central Scotland. We aim to provide a personal service that is flexible to your requirements.

Records in Scotland not only provide names and dates, but can also contain details of occupations, addresses, religion and cause of death. This can give a greater depth of detail to your family tree.

Find Scottish Roots can also provide local information including details of the locations your ancestors lived. This can include current photographs of the locations relevant to your family.

What information should I provide?

We will need some information to be able to start researching your Scottish ancestors. Information such as names, approximate dates of birth or marriage, and where these events may have taken place would help.

If you do not have any confirmed details of your Scottish ancestors, then the earliest details you have on your family is a good place to start. This may be your own birth/marriage details or your parents birth/marriage details.

Even if these did not take place in Scotland they can still be a starting point.

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