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Here are some frequently asked questions. 

Q. How far back will you get?

A. This is the most often asked and hardest to answer question.

It is impossible to predict how far back a search will reach.

Usually, if your ancestors are in Scotland, then I would expect to get back to the start of the 1800s and possibly late 1700s.

Q. What happens if you fail to make progress?

A. If it becomes obvious that progress can't be made then a refund based on the amount of progress will be made.

Q. Is it possible to continue with the investigation after receiving the results from an initial investigation?

A. Yes. At the end of each report a number of suggestions for further research are given.

If you wish to extend the research further then it is possible to upgrade to a different package.

Q. In what form are the results presented?

A. The details of presentation of the results are contained within the description of each package.

Q. How do I pay?

A. Simply click on the paypal button on the Order Form page to pay securely.

Q. Can you undertake searches for tracking living relatives?

A. This is not an area that would I would normally undertake.

Q. What if I have another Question?

A. Just ask. see the contact page for details.

Q. What is the subscription package?

A. Please see the Subscription tab at the top of the page for details.

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